Columbus, Sauk City, & Viroqua, WI

"Wow. Really? That's your takeaway from what I just said?" - Chris, 'Sweat' It was ironic, really, that the man was speaking to our 'Chris'. I almost expected him to respond with this line.  We had just finished performing at the Columbus Area Senior Center, to an overflowing crowd of both seniors and other folks … Continue reading Columbus, Sauk City, & Viroqua, WI

Kenosha & Janesville, WI

And when I say we played Union Halls, I mean this: Monument outside the United Auto Workers Hall in Janesville WI; fully unionized bathrooms; signs that welcome you to a hallway of history at the UAW in Kenosha WI It's hard to believe we're in the home stretch. Everything is ramping up it seems. Yesterday … Continue reading Kenosha & Janesville, WI